Liquid Sky explosively breached the mockup with a flex linear charge.  The explosion sent wood splinters everywhere as the door burst into six or seven pieces.  They put Deckard up front as the first man through the door, reminding him that as the new guy on the team, he was really nothing more than cannon fodder to them.

Ramon had called back to the staging area to tell them that he had secured Ingram MAC-10’s with suppressors for the mission from the Philippines’ extensive black market.  They would just have to make do in training with the M4 paintball guns.  It was an imperfect world.

Deckard stepped over the broken door and cleared the first corner.  It was a wide open living space, framed out by bare plywood walls.  Second-hand furniture had also been placed inside the mockup.  Ramon’s intel was that De Jesus routinely hired hookers from Manila’s most famous upscale whore house, Air Force One.  Regularly attended by Ambassadors and Generals, Air Force One was where you went to score some “Tier One ass” as Bill had put it.

Deckard also noticed that, although they were expecting civilians on target, all of their targetry in the mockup were shoot targets.  None of the silhouettes were no-shoot targets.  Everyone in the apartment was being marked for death.

Point shooting the first target, Deckard put two blue paint rounds center mass.  He and Zach then cleared the kitchen area, taking down another two targets.  Practicing a form of room clearing known as free flow, they had the entire apartment cleared in seconds.

The worst part was that they had to clear the entire objective while still wearing their wing suits.  There would be no time to take them off, only to unzip a slit between the legs so they could walk and escape from the wings by rolling back the sleeves.  Once they hit the rooftop, they would release their main parachute via a cutaway pillow and begin the killing.  How the MAC-10 and spare magazines would be arranged on their kit was something that was still being worked out.

Then, once the apartment was covered in blood and spent brass they had to exfil with their reserve parachute, a stunt chute designed for base jumpers in this case.  The entire mission was Hollywood as hell in Deckard’s opinion.  The only reason why it would work was because no one would be expecting it.

Liquid Sky hit the training objective five more times.  Nadeesha had her jet-black hair pulled back, and was now covered in sweat like the rest of them.  So far, she was keeping up on target.  No one was talking to her though; she was considered an outsider to the assault element.