The exfil was more like an all expenses paid vacation.  Liquid Sky quickly forgot that they were still on a mission, relaxing on the pump boats that ferried them south.  All of their kit had been sunk to the bottom of the ocean the moment the opportunity presented itself.  Their pilot had headed for the South China Sea, where he could hide out for a while.  The assault team took a separate route, using a ratline that Ramon had established prior to them arriving in the Philippines.

They were called banka boats, and were used for fishing and as water taxis between the various islands in the Philippines.  The Liquid Sky mercenaries sipped on beer and worked on their tan while they were transported in a lazy, winding path that took them generally south.  Unlike air travel or even vehicle traffic, maritime transportation was the least monitored, and allowed for low-visibility movements over long distances.

After a week of cruising alongside some of the most beautiful beaches in the world, they island-hopped over to Sabah in Malaysia, where their pilot met them on an airfield in his Twin Otter.  From there, they flew back to Darwin, Australia.

Back at the staging site, Bill ordered his two non-performers to tear apart the mock-up of the objective.  Rick for failing in the simulator and Paul for failing to make it to the target during the mission.  They grudgingly went about their task.  The others prepared for an epic beer blast.  The pilot and the technician who ran the simulator for them were both invited.

That night all the wood from the mockup was piled up and set ablaze.

The technician was coerced into drinking a bottle of vodka.  Zach was less successful in coercing Nadeesha to give the tech a lap dance but eventually she relented.  Cheers went up as she began grinding on his crotch.  The beer and liquor was flowing, and everyone was finally relaxing for the first time in weeks.  The technician promptly stood up as Nadeesha was rubbing his face in her cleavage.  She fell into the grass as the gentlemen stood with a big dumb smile on his face and projectile vomited a half gallon of vodka into the bonfire.

That got even more cheers than the lap dance.

Their pilot was buzzed out of his mind from smoking marijuana and could only muster a half-assed applause.