Nadeesha walked the Cairo streets.

Having bought local clothing she tried to blend in.  But with her dark skin, people probably thought she was from Southern Egypt.  Men jeered at her and made obscene gestures.  A few offered to purchase her for a quickie.  She was used to having to work in incredibly misogynist cultures, but as one pedestrian grabbed her ass, she hoped the entire country just burned to the ground.

Having completed a close recce of the Egyptian Army compound, she sat down for morning tea near the target and watched the soldiers and officers arrive in twos and threes, wearing their puffy berets with elastic rat tails hanging from the back.

Scrolling through her cell phone, she e-mailed the pictures she had taken of the Army building to Bill and the guys.  They were looking for an appropriate vehicle to steal.  She was looking for an appropriate officer to steal.  Time passed.  Her tea grew cold.

The intel they had, she didn’t ask what the source of it was, indicated that the three college students were being held inside the Army installation where prisoners were sometimes kept until they could be transferred to a larger prison.  The three Americans were being kept there indefinitely so that the Army chain of command could keep an eye on them.  Those kids wouldn’t last long in an Egyptian prison without protection.

All they knew for certain was that the three American students had been detained while on a rooftop overlooking Tahrir Square during the latest mass protest forty-eight hours ago.  Over a million Egyptians flooded back into the square in defiance of both the Muslim Brotherhood and the military dictatorship that they were slowly coming under the control of.  When the Americans were detained, the military also found them with a mysterious device, but that wasn’t her target.

They had to free the Americans.  Conducting a surgical raid to rescue hostages was one of the most complicated missions around.  They had the most bare-bones intel, no mission planning, and almost nothing for equipment.  It was a mess to say the least.  She didn’t even know what cell they were being held in or even a confirmation that the Americans, were in fact, inside the Army compound.

Nadeesha spotted an Egyptian soldier, wearing the rank of a Colonel on his epaulettes, leaving the compound.