The entire Liquid Sky element was passed out as they flew commercial air to Germany, and then  on to Italy.  They had changed out of their mission clothes and into civilians provided by the staff at FOB Chapman.  The team was still bleary eyed as they boarded a private aircraft in Milan to their final destination.  Deckard tried to discern where they were going, but found no indication and no one was telling him.  Rick, Zach, and Paul bought some hard liquor in the duty free shop before taking off, pounded a couple shooters of vodka or whiskey and passed right back out.  The others just gave Deckard the cold shoulder.  Ramon watched an in-flight movie for a few minutes before falling back asleep.  Nadeesha looked at Deckard like he was lower than dog shit before she drifted off to sleep.

Tough crowd, Deckard thought to himself.  Before long, he fell asleep as well.  They were all exhausted from the operation and Deckard was especially jet lagged from bouncing between time zones.

He came awake to the sound of laughing and screaming.  After their cat nap, the Liquid Sky team had taken to watching another in-flight movie in their Gulfstream aircraft.  It looked like the comedy movie, Superbad was keeping them entertained.  Zach and Rick were giggling like school girls.  Paul recited the movie line for line in a never-ending stream of commentary.  Nadeesha kept to herself, flipping through a copy of Flashbang magazine.

Uninterested in the movie, Deckard wished he had a book to read, but he had always been someone who was comfortable with his own thoughts, if restless in his actions.  Sitting around with nothing to do over long periods of time made him uncomfortable, but he knew how to manage it.  There was an onboard refrigerator, so he helped himself to a bottle of water.

Deckard watched out the window as they landed several hours later.  The terrain was fairly flat with low-laying vegetation and blacktop roads crisscrossing throughout.  Disoriented, Deckard had no idea where they were.  They landed at a substantial modern airport with a large terminal complex.  The private jet taxied off towards the private hangers where a white van was waiting for them.  Everyone piled in.  If this was another operation, it didn’t feel like it.

They exited from the private aircraft area’s gate and out into the countryside.  The road was surrounded on both sides by green rolling hills, sugarcane coming right up to the edge of the pavement and pressing out into the street.  Palm trees also dotted the landscape.  As they drove through the outskirts of a city, Deckard spotted a Hindu temple and knew he must be somewhere in India.  Then he saw a Christian church and finally a Muslim mosque.

Now, he was really confused.

            Further inland were green-covered mountains stretching up to touch the blue sky.  Deep into the stalks of sugarcane he also saw a few abandoned factories and other structures.  It wasn’t until he saw a billboard in French for a cellphone service that he figured it out.  They were in Mauritius, an island in the Indian Ocean.