Morning PT crushed the entire team.  To warm up, the team ran barefoot two miles down the beachfront and then back.  It was a slow, comfortable pace, but everyone knew what was coming next.  With a barbell they took turns doing three repetitions of the power snatch which involved lifting the weight above your head and squatting it.  They increased the weight every three reps until failure.

Then they did the same for the power clean, which was a similar exercise, but the barbell was only brought up to under the chin with a reverse grip.  The power jerk was done for the same repetitions and was also similar, but from under the chin, the barbell was then snapped above the head in one popping motion.  Next was the clean pull.  From the squatting position, the lifter snapped up with the bar held in an overhand grip until he was standing on his toes, and then lowered the bar back to the ground.

Repetitions were increased to five for the front squat.  Again, more plates were added after each repetition.  Holding the barbell under the chin, they did five squats for one set.  Last but not least was Bill’s favorite, the bench press.  About half of the Liquid Sky team puked this time around.  Deckard managed to hold it down but had to wonder what the point was.  They could probably take turns kicking each other in the balls and get the same result.  They wrapped up with a two-mile cool-down run.  Most of them took water bottles and tried to rehydrate as they jogged up and down the beach.

After dragging ass back to his pad, Deckard took a shower, tried to pound down some more water and stretch out.  He found it funny that Liquid Sky was so careful about their operational security, but six physically fit men running and swimming around a residential area was a signature in of itself.  Apparently the guys just told the locals that they participated in adventure racing around the world, sponsored by some jockstrap company or something.