Deckard was up on his feet and moving the second the grenade exploded.  It was early morning and the cold night air cleared his head as he threw the blanket off.  Running out the door, he turned through the smoke hanging in the air from the explosion and sprinted down the hall as he slung his Kalashnikov over his shoulder.  He had done a quick route recon before drifting off to a restless sleep and now it was paying off.

Diving into another empty apartment, he made for a window and took a quick look before jumping.  Vaulting out of the window, he sailed through the empty space above an alley before his combat boots made contact with the balcony of an adjacent apartment.  He had quickly broken contact with the enemy but had to keep moving.  Using the butt of his rifle, he cleared away some broken glass and climbed through a window.

Once inside, he carefully looked out a few windows at the building he had just escaped from.  He could see the Nusra fighters taking a knee in the shadows at two corners of their target building.  He had no doubt that they were on the other two corners as well.  Someone had directed them to isolate the building before the assault team began clearing.  They were using American tactics.  It was Nusra with Liquid Sky in an advisory role.  They were looking for him.

Whether they had been able to specifically track him to his bed-down site or if they were just doing a cordon and search on the entire area was irrelevant.  Now they were back on his trail.  Deckard couldn’t run and hide.  There was nowhere to run to as he was in enemy territory no matter what direction he went.  A stand up fight was out of the question.  He’d be gunned down in seconds as he was up against overwhelming numbers.

Mentally noting the enemy positions one last time, he turned and looked for a way down to the ground floor.  What he could do was wage an unconventional battle, nickle and dime Nusra bit by bit and wear them down with a harassment campaign.  Hopefully he could hold out until he could link up with Samruk.

Deckard quietly stepped down the stairs and out on to the street.  There were four Nusra shooters at the nearest blocking position up ahead.  Deckard stayed low with his AK in his hands as he moved forward in the dark.  It would be another hour or so before the sun starting coming up.  There was a burned-out car in the middle of the street and he was able to keep that between him and the enemy as he advanced towards them.  When he came up alongside the car, he was less than ten meters away.

The undisciplined jihadists talked amongst themselves as they waited.  They had been posted at the corner of the building to prevent anyone from escaping, specifically Deckard.  They didn’t seem to be taking their job all that seriously despite the booby trap that their comrades had set off.  The four gunmen squatted on the street corner next to the target building.

Deckard slowly eased off the safety on his Kalashnikov.  Staring down his rifle sights, he had them dead to rights.  The jihadists were all facing in towards the target building with no rear security posted.  Deckard quickly worked them like human e-type silhouettes at the range, shooting from left to right, two shots center mass in each one.