Two dark forms swam their way to shore.

Taking a knee in the gentle waves they carefully inspected the shoreline with their Night Optical Devices.  A row of bungalows was laid out in front of them, some with lights on inside, others blacked out.  Everything appeared normal, so they turned around and used a red-lens flashlight to signal the Zodiac rubber rafts that bobbed up and down in the ocean out past the breakers in the night.

With the all-clear signal confirmed, the mercenaries on the Zodiacs began paddling to shore.  The Zodiacs came in with PKM machine gunners posted at the nose of each boat to pull frontal security.  Three Zodiacs in total came to shore, the PKM gunners immediately jumping off and running up the beach before settling into firing positions with the Russian-made machine guns resting on their bipods.

The other mercenaries dismounted and pulled the Zodiacs up onto the beach.  Samruk International’s senior Non-Commissioned Officer, Sergeant Major Korgan, oversaw the entire operation.  This platoon had seen their Platoon Sergeant killed by an IED in Mexico.  Not that they needed the supervision.  Their movements were smooth and rehearsed.

Two Squads moved up to the primary objective.  Frank, the senior Samruk operative on the ground indicated the target house with an infrared laser that the other mercenaries could see through the green tint of their night vision.

The Kazakh mercenaries noted the sliding glass door.  It had been left unlocked, so the point man simply slid the door open and slipped inside.  The other mercenaries followed him in.  Other squads were moving out to clear the other bungalows that Deckard had indicated as belonging to Liquid Sky.

Frank and Sergeant Major Koran were standing on the back deck in the middle of an impressive array of bench presses, free weights, kettlebells, and other exercise equipment when the first shot rang out from inside.  Then another.  Then another.  A half dozen gunshots then blasted all at the same time before everything went quiet.

Inside, they found four security guards bleeding out on the floor.  Three looked to be locals from Mauritius.  The fourth was an import, probably a Brit.  All had been armed.  The Kazakh mercenaries had efficiently eliminated each threat.