Washington DC:

             This is the dumbest fucking idea you’ve ever had.

            Deckard thought over Pat’s words to him before he had stepped on the airplane.  The passenger plane had just touched down in the bizarre city where every other jerk off had a graduate degree and a plan to save the world.

It wasn’t that Deckard disagreed with what Pat was saying, he just didn’t see any other option.  With no trails to follow, the only path left was to put one of their names out there into the netherworld as seeking employment and see who called.  Both of them began making phone calls to certain former Special Operations and intelligence professionals who served as personnel feeders for various black projects.

Pat insisted that it should be him going in, not Deckard.  Deckard was the CEO and leader of Samruk International, and he wouldn’t be leading anything while working undercover.  Deckard insisted.  There was a big difference between Pat and him.  Pat was something of a legend in the Special Operations community.  He retired out of Delta Force as a Master Sergeant.  He was a rock star operator who was loved and respected by the community.

Deckard on the other hand, was completely disgraced.  When shit got ugly between him and the CIA, they had completely disavowed him.  Today he was considered persona non grata in many circles by people who were pissed at him.  Some were angry over things he actually did, others were angry over baseless rumors they had heard.  Still others were just angry.

They were trying to infiltrate a rogue group of para-military contractors.  Bad ass operators like Pat with sterling reputations wouldn’t cut it.  Not on this op.  Liquid Sky would never even consider someone like that.  They would want someone who was already on the fringes, maybe someone who was already guilty of something.  They both knew that Deckard was the right man for this job.

You always had one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel, Pat had reminded him as he boarded the plane.