The two chemical weapons, along with a cache of guns went on a plane from Benghazi, Libya to Antakya, Turkey while Bill, Deckard, and The Operator got on another plane back to Mauritius.  Bill needed to get his high-side access on the Pirate Net in his office before continuing on to whatever their final objective was in Syria.

Once plugged into his secure commo system, Bill got the rest of the Operations Order from their client and called a team pow wow in his bungalow.  Nadeesha had been playing with Deckard in the shower when they got the call.  Getting dressed, they walked over to Bill’s place in intervals.  Nadi still didn’t want anyone to know even though Deckard was pretty sure that everyone noticed when she looked at him with those bedroom eyes.

Once they had gathered around, Bill gave them the low down.  Rick sat on the couch, hung over from the party the previous night.  Nadeesha sat on a chair in the corner of the room with her back to the wall.  Paul sat down on a stool next to the billiard table next to Ramon.  The Operator stood towards the back with his arms crossed.

“We will link up with Yezza’s people in Turkey and take possession of the device.  Because of the amount of road blocks and choke points that both the rebels and the Syrian military have established, we are going to have to parachute in behind enemy lines and link up with the locals.  We are going to handle the dispersal of the mustard gas, but these clowns will be acting as bullet traps for us on the way into the target area.”

“Who are these guys?” Ramon asked.  “The Free Syrian Army?”

“It gets better,” Bill insisted.  “Al-Nusra.”

“Fuck me,” Ramon snorted.

“Who else is crazy enough to launch a chemical attack on this target?”