Wearing black kafiyah head wraps, the gunmen stormed the Army detention center while firing their AR-15 and AK-47 rifles in all directions.

Allah Akbar!  Allah Akbar!” one screamed.

The two gate guards went down under a hail of gunfire.  Another two Egyptian soldiers were shot dead on the front steps of the compound.  Once inside, the gunmen blasted a lieutenant sitting behind a desk and headed for the stairs.  An Egyptian soldier managed to pull his pistol free from his holster and fire several panicked shots over the heads of the attacking Islamic militants.  The return fire splattered him against the wall.

By now shouts were heard through the Army facility as soldiers began to panic.  They were under attack and no one was even remotely prepared for it.

Allah Akbar!

The prisoners heard the calls from inside their cells and cheered the attackers on.  Taking the stairs three at a time the four gunmen reached the second floor where the prison cells were located.  The soldier on guard duty tried to make a break for it and took off running down the hall until a burst of 7.62×39 caught up with him.

One of the gunmen found the keys on the corpse’s belt and used them to open the rusty barred door that led into the cell block.

Allah Akbar!” the gunmen screamed in unison.