160th SOAR: Special Operations Aviation Regiment.  Army helicopter unit which flies Special Operations missions, often delivering Special Operations soldiers to their targets.


AAR: After Action Review. Soldiers typically conduct an AAR post-mission to evaluate what was done wrong and how to improve performance for the next mission.


AK-103: An updated form of the AK-47 rifle that can be fitted with a variety of different optics.


AK-47: Avtomat Kalashnikova-1947, following the standard Soviet weapons naming convention. Avtomat meaning the type of rifle: automatic. Kalashnikov comes from the last name of the inventor, Mikhail Kalashnikov and the year 1947 is when the rifle went into production. The AK-47 is the world’s most ubiquitous battle rifle, having been used in virtually every conflict since the Cold War.


An-125: Large Russian-made cargo airplane.


AO: Area of Operations.


APC: Armored Personnel Carrier.


AQ: Al Qaeda.

Russia’s AK-47 to be produced in Florida

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BW: Blackwater.  A now defunct private security company.


C-27J: Medium-sized military transport aircraft.


C4: Composition Four plastic explosives.


Carl Gustav: Recoiless rifle.


CH-47: Twin rotor military transport helicopter.


CI: Counter-Intelligence.


SOP:Standard Operating Procedure


CIA: Central Intelligence Agency


CIF: Commander’s In-Extremis Force


CISEN: Mexican Intelligence Agency


Commo: Communications


CQB: Close Quarter Battle


CYPRES: Emergency device on a Military parachute.


DARPA: Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency.


Delta Force: US Army Counter-Terrorism unit.  Also known as Combat Applications Group, Task Force Green, or simply The Unit.


Dev Group: US Navy SEAL Counter-Terrorism unit.  Also known as Task Force Blue, Naval Special Warfare Development Group, and more recently, TACDEVRON.


DUI: Driving While Intoxicated.


E&E: Escape and Evasion.


ECT: Explosive Cutting Tape.  A type of explosive used for breaching targets.


EMP: Electro-Magnetic Pulse.


EOD: Explosive Ordinance Disposal.


Exfil: Exfiltrate.


FDA: Food and Drug Administration


FN-FAL: Belgium 7.62 rifle.


FRP: Final Reference Point, used as a known point that can be paced off to help find a previously hidden cache.


FSA: Free Syrian Army.


FSB: Russian intelligence agency.


G3 Communications: Fictional security firm.


GPS: Global Positioning System.


GROM: Polish Counter-Terrorism unit.


Ground Branch: CIA para-military unit.


GRS: Global Response Staff, CIA contractor that often escort and protect case officers in dangerous parts of the world.


GSG-9: German police unit that conducts counter-terrorist operations.


HAHO: High Altitude, High Opening.


HALO: High Altitude, Low Opening.


HERF: High-Energy Radio Frequency.


HK 417: Heckler and Koch 7.62 gas piston operated rifle.


HK USP: Series of Heckler and Koch pistols.


HME: Home Made Explosives.


HQ: Headquarters.


HUMINT: Human Intelligence.


IED: Improvised Explosive Device.


Infil: Infiltrate.


ISA: Intelligence Support Activity.  A classified Army unit which collects intelligence information, often to support SEAL Team Six and Delta Force operations.


ISU-90: US military enclosed pallet for transporting equipment.


J2: Joint Staff Intelligence.


JCET: Joint Combined Exchange Training.


JPL: Jet Propulsion Laboratory.


JSOC: Joint Special Operations Command.


LED: light-emitting diode.


Liquid Sky: Fictional mercenary strike force.


LPC: Leather Personnel Carriers (ie: boots).


M4: Standard issue US military rifle.


MAC-10: Sub-Machine Gun.


MC-5: HALO/HAHO military parachute.


MEK: Iranian terrorist organization sponsored by the United States.


MFF: Military Free Fall.


Mk 48: A 7.62 machine gun that is smaller and lighter than the M240B.


MO: Method of operation.


MSS: Chinese intelligence agency.


NASA: National Air and Space Association.


NGO: Non-Governmental Organization.


NODS: Night Optical Device.


NPA: New People’s Army.


NSA: National Security Agency.


OD: Olive Drab.


OGA: Other Governmental Organizations such as Ground Branch or Global Response Staff.


ONI: Office of Naval Intelligence.


OP: Observation Point.  A vantage point for snipers of reconnaissance troops to use to over watch enemy movements.


OPB: Operational Preparation of the Battlefield.


Operator: Soldier assigned to SEAL Team Six or Delta Force.


OPSEC: Operational Security.


PIN: Personal Identification Number.


PKM: Belt fed Russian made machine gun.


PMC: Private Military Company.


PT: Physical Training.


PTSD: Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


PVS-14: Night vision monocle.


QRF: Quick Reaction Force.


R&R: Rest and Relaxation.


Rangers: US Army elite airborne light infantry unit.


Raufoss: Armor piercing explosive incendiary rounds.


RDX: Research Development Explosives.


RFID:Radio-frequency identification.


RPG: Rocket Propelled Grenade.


RPK: 7.62 light machine gun.


RUMINT: A non-official humorous term meaning Rumor Intelligence.


SA-7: Russian shoulder fired anti-aircraft missile.


Samruk International: A fictional Private Military Company based out of Kazakhstan.


SCUBA: Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus.


SEAL: SEa, Air, and Land.  US Navy maritime commando unit.


SEAL Team Six: US Navy SEAL Counter-Terrorism unit.  Also known as Task Force Blue, Naval Special Warfare Development Group, and more recently, TACDEVRON.


SIGINT: Signals Intelligence.


SIM: Subscriber Identity Module.


SOF: Special Operations Forces.


SOTIC: Special Operations Target Interdiction Course, now knows as the Special Forces Sniper Course.


Special Forces: Also known as Green Berets, specialize in training indigenous forces.  A separate unit from SEALs, Rangers, and Delta Force


SPG-9: 73mm recoiless rifle.


SSE: Sensitive Site Exploitation.


T-72: Russian main battle tank.


TACDEVRON: US Navy SEAL Counter-Terrorism unit.  Also known as Task Force Blue, Naval Special Warfare Development Group, and more recently, TACDEVRON.


TF Blue: See Dev Group.


TF Green: See Delta Force.


TORDS: Tandem Offset Resupply Delivery System.


TTL: Tag, Track, and Locate.


UAE: United Arab Emirates.


VBIED: Vehicular Borne Improvised Explosive Device.


VDO: Vehicle Drop Off.


WMD: Weapon of Mass Destruction.


ZPU: Russian anti-aircraft machine gun.