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Today, I have a special treat for you.

The American Angler’s Book

Over one and a half centuries after its original publication, Thaddeus Norris’s The American Angler’s Book remains a classic heavily sought after by fishing enthusiasts and collectors. Considered the father of American fly fishing, Norris’s encyclopedic compilation of nineteenth-century tackle and the making of it, information on diverse fish species, and fishing theories and musings was an immensely important tome that helped popularize sport fishing in the United States. Much of the information is still relevant to pursuers of the modern sport. Topics covered include:

-Hooks, sinkers, swivels, leaders, snoods, lines, rods, and reels
-Perch, pike, carp, herring, catfish and eels, salmon, and trout species and behaviors
-Saltwater and fly fishing methods and tackle
-Repairs, fly-making, and rod-making
-Fish breeding, And more!

The Author

“Every American Piscator may feel proud [to own]” this “elegant volume” with “beautifully executed” illustrations, proclaimed The New York Times on the book’s original publication. With information copiously gathered and published during the American Civil War, Norris was a leader in his field. Containing a wealth of exquisite engravings, The American Angler’s Book is a must-have addition to any serious fly-fisher’s collection.

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