Calling All Bargain Lovers

I must admit, I love good gear, practical/tactical clothing, and a bargain. If you are shaking your head up and down in agreement right now, have I got a deal for you. Not too terribly long ago, I discovered LA Police Gear or LAPG. At first, I figured it would just give it a quick glance because I don’t have that huge a need for police gear. Very quickly, I discovered it is so, so much more than that. Just about anything you need, you can find it here. Products run the gamut from high-end flashlights to boots to first aid supplies to extremely comfortable pants and polos.

This article is number one in a two-part series. The second piece will run tomorrow. Long story short, I liked the stuff so much that I ended up ordering about a half dozen things: new pants, new shorts, some boots at an amazing price, a polo shirt, and a can of Mace, just for fun. Like I said, I’ll be writing about that stuff individually tomorrow, but today, I will give you a good intro to the store. I’m checking out the site right now as I write this, and there are some amazing deals. How about a pair of Salomon Men’s Black Urban Jungle Ultra Tactical boots for $69.99? That’s right, Solomon’s. They retail for about $190. You better snag that offer before I do.

Solomon makes a great boot. I need these.

And the pants…LAPG makes an awesome line of pants. Like I said, I’m a practical guy. A bargain hunter, but I want to look good. Check this out: a pair of LAPG Men’s Urban Recon Duck Canvas Pants for $19.99. That’s the closeout price, but hey, I’m all about closeouts. When I got mine, I was pleasantly surprised. They are well-made, sturdy, comfortable, and have tons of pockets in all the right places. And everything fits in there without being bulky: your phone, your knife, keys, wallet…you name it. Great everyday carry pants, and I bet they’ll wear like iron since they are made out of 100% Duck Canvas. For twenty bucks, they are a steal. They’d be a bargain at more than twice the price.

LAPG Pants
I like the elastic waistband because, well, you know, beer and cheeseburgers. Great fit, seven pockets.

About the Company

Los Angeles Police Gear (LAPG) is a renowned tactical and outdoor gear supplier, primarily catering to law enforcement officers, military personnel, outdoor enthusiasts, and the general public. Founded in 2001, LAPG has gained a reputation for providing quality, affordable gear designed to meet the demanding needs of professionals in the field.

Product Range

1. Tactical Clothing: LAPG offers a wide range of tactical clothing, including pants, shirts, jackets, and uniforms. These garments are designed for durability, flexibility, and comfort. They often incorporate features like reinforced stitching, ample pocket space, and fabrics that offer a balance between ruggedness and wearability.

2. Footwear: Their footwear selection includes tactical boots, hiking shoes, and duty shoes. These are engineered for comfort during long hours of wear and often feature slip-resistant soles, waterproof materials, and supportive designs. They have their own LAPG line but also feature well-known brands like Merrell, Solomon, 5.11, and Altama.

3. Duty Gear: This category covers a broad spectrum of products essential for law enforcement and security professionals. It includes items like handcuffs, batons, flashlights, body cameras, and duty belts. These products are designed with a focus on reliability and ease of use under high-stress conditions.

4. Tactical Equipment: LAPG is known for its tactical gear, like holsters, ballistic vests, tactical gloves, and protective eyewear. These items are critical for personal protection and operational efficiency in various tactical situations.

5. Bags and Backpacks: Their range of bags and backpacks is designed for both tactical and everyday use. These products often feature rugged construction, organizational compartments, and ergonomic designs for carrying gear comfortably.

6. Survival and Outdoor Gear: LAPG also caters to outdoor enthusiasts with products like camping tools, knives, flashlights, and first aid kits. This gear is designed to be reliable and functional in various outdoor and survival scenarios.

Need a holster for your Glock? They’ve got ’em.

Quality and Affordability

One of the key aspects of LAPG’s appeal is its balance of quality and affordability. The company aims to provide durable and functional products accessible to a broad spectrum of customers. This focus on affordability does not come at the expense of quality, as LAPG gear is known for its robust construction and thoughtful design. I can vouch for that. More to follow. 

Customer Service and Community Engagement

LAPG places a strong emphasis on customer service. They offer knowledgeable support, often provided by staff members who have backgrounds in law enforcement or the military. This expertise allows them to offer guidance and recommendations based on real-world experience.

Moreover, LAPG engages with the community through various initiatives. They support law enforcement and military personnel, participate in community events, and often contribute to related charities and causes.

Online Presence and Accessibility

LAPG has a significant online presence, with an extensive website that allows customers to easily browse and purchase products. The website includes detailed product descriptions, customer reviews, and a helpful FAQ section. They also offer online promotions and a loyalty program, making their products even more accessible to a broad customer base.

Innovation and Expansion

LAPG is continually expanding its product range, responding to evolving needs in the tactical and outdoor gear market. They regularly introduce new products and update existing lines with improved materials and designs. This commitment to innovation helps ensure that LAPG remains at the forefront of the tactical and outdoor gear industry. Consider for a second all of the brands available under one cyber “roof”: Danner, Under Armour, Rocky, Belleville, 5.11, Altama. Lots of heavy hitters in that lineup.  


Los Angeles Police Gear represents a blend of quality, affordability, and practicality in the tactical and outdoor gear market. Their diverse product range caters to a wide audience, from professionals in demanding fields to outdoor enthusiasts and everyday consumers. LAPG’s commitment to quality, customer service, community engagement, and innovation has cemented its reputation as a reliable and respected supplier in this industry. As they continue to evolve and expand their offerings, LAPG is poised to remain a key player in the world of tactical and outdoor equipment.

Do yourself a favor and check out their site today between servings of turkey. They are running an awesome Black Friday sale, and you’ll be amazed at how much good stuff you can get for just a few bucks.