So much for being innocent until proven guilty.

Marine Raiders, GySgt Joshua Negron, GySgt Daniel Draher, and CPO Eric Gilmet, are approaching two years of being left in the dark about their future and whether they’ll be going to prison for what video footage proves to be self-defense.

These Warriors, along with their families, have not received even the slightest amount of support from their command. In fact, the command seems to be intent on remaining silent in place of support for the “MARSOC 3” as the innocent Raiders await their court-martials – loaded with overzealous charges from their own leaders.

The new Commander of Marine Forces Special Operations Command (MARSOC) still has yet to comment on his role as the convening authority for this case, which you can read more about here.

MajGen James Glynn assumed command of the Marine Corps’ elite special operations component in June 2020, but he has yet to comment on whether he has seen the exonerating video footage along with what he intends to do with the case.

Fearing public backlash, MajGen Glynn’s predecessor – MajGen Daniel Yoo – initiated a preemptive response to remove the three men from their positions and suspend their security clearances, special duty pays, and promotions. The incontrovertible video evidence exonerating the servicemen was disregarded, the men were libeled in official communications, and the case was sent to a General Court Martial with charges of manslaughter.

Let’s not forget that MajGen Yoo attended the funeral of the drunken contractor who attacked the MARSOC 3, but never once reached out to speak with his own men.

Not only is their entire command seemingly aligned against them, but now outside support for the MARSOC 3 in the form of a GoFundMe fundraiser has been shut down. Thankfully, donations are still able to reach these Warriors through United American Patriots.


Phillip Stackhouse, a civilian attorney for Gunnery Sergeant Draher said, “Despite raising hundreds of thousands of dollars for questionable causes, including legal defense funds for violent crimes, resulting in multiple deaths and injuries, GoFundMe recently shut down a fundraiser for the families of a group of highly decorated American servicemen. Worse, this is a clear case of self-defense, proven by video evidence exonerating the MARSOC 3.”

Stackhouse continued, “After one Marine defended a fellow Marine from a vicious drunken attack, these highly decorated servicemen then remained behind to care for the attacker and transported him from laying in the street back to base. The MARSOC 3 have dedicated their lives to service and represent the best America has to offer. The fact that GoFundMe shut down this fundraiser while allowing tens of thousands, if not hundreds of thousands, of dollars to be raised for people accused of violent crimes — and even aiding and abetting an American traitor, is an absolute disgrace. When my client is exonerated, we will explore all available legal recourse against the people and organizations who attempted to prevent a fair trial. In the meantime, GoFundMe must immediately reinstate the MARSOC 3 fundraiser.”

This is why we’re proud to exist as a non-profit organization. You can still donate in support of the legal fees faced by the MARSOC 3 that have been accruing for nearly two years.

United American Patriots is asking for your support of Josh, Danny, and Eric. Their own command is more worried about their own “image” instead of justice.

Do you have the courage to support these Warriors in place of their own command?


This article was originally published on on September 11th.  

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