Sorry folks, but it’s all smoke and mirrors. Pull up some posts on your browser on “busts on the border,” and you’ll find that the majority involve marijuana and illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America. When a tunnel is uncovered, it typically contains marijuana.

In fact, here are the numbers from the CBP Info Center:

  • Number of pounds of marijuana seized: 4,330,475
  • Number of pounds of cocaine seized: 135,943
  • Number of pounds of methamphetamine seized: 6,135
  • Number of pounds of heroin seized: 2,015

If you attend a briefing from any Department of Homeland Security border agency, the highlighted number that is provided for you is marijuana. At the Air and Marine Operations Center, they flouted a figure of 312,903 pounds seized. In 2014, they brought in 70,577 pounds of marijuana with a combined street value of over $253 million.

My reaction is, “So what?”

The nation is facing what the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have declared a heroin epidemic, and we’re talking about pot. This can’t be for real. At the DHS, pot is their happy number. Still, I’m not the only one who doesn’t care. The DEA has provided an interagency do-not-disturb mandate for any amount of marijuana under 400 pounds.

Also, no one has ever overdosed on pot. Potheads are not using the streets as a toilet because their weed was cut with baby laxative. That would be the heroin addicts who will be busting out your windows while you’re at work to pay for their next fix. As for marijuana, it’s less of a crime in America than ever before. “Twenty-three states and the District of Columbia currently have laws legalizing marijuana in some form.” Drug cartels are finding it more difficult to profit from marijuana in the U.S. because of this, and “designer strains” of marijuana outclass the low-grade marijuana from Mexico.

Mexican marijuana, refered to as “dirt brown” or “brick weed,” is in limited demand in comparison with its U.S.-grown, legal (or bootlegged) competition. In fact, interstate bootlegging is outpacing the Mexican cartel monopoly on pot due to its low quality and associated dark and bloody nature. Nonetheless, in 27 other states, you have to deal with criminals to get it. Remove the criminals, and you’re dealing with something less destructive than alcohol that provides remarkable tax revenue. Plus, we’d be removing something simple and stupid that ties up federal agents who could be spending their time doing something more worthwhile.

Yes, all of that, but still this harmless drug is the headline DHS agencies are proud of. Offline, those agencies would tell you why: It’s all part of a practice well known by government employees, and one that goes by many names. For some, it’s pencil-whipping. Others, it’s coloring. Many call it job security. But for those of us in reality, it’s just bullshit. The practice of meeting policy and providing the “we’re doing great in my department” nod and chuckle. If things aren’t normal, you could get fired. If everyone else is reporting all clear, and you’re not, then you must wrong. That system can’t be wrong, after all.