Sorry folks, but it’s all smoke and mirrors. Pull up some posts on your browser on “busts on the border,” and you’ll find that the majority involve marijuana and illegal immigrants from Mexico and Central America. When a tunnel is uncovered, it typically contains marijuana.

In fact, here are the numbers from the CBP Info Center:

  • Number of pounds of marijuana seized: 4,330,475
  • Number of pounds of cocaine seized: 135,943
  • Number of pounds of methamphetamine seized: 6,135
  • Number of pounds of heroin seized: 2,015

If you attend a briefing from any Department of Homeland Security border agency, the highlighted number that is provided for you is marijuana. At the Air and Marine Operations Center, they flouted a figure of 312,903 pounds seized. In 2014, they brought in 70,577 pounds of marijuana with a combined street value of over $253 million.

My reaction is, “So what?”