A Warzone Is No Place for Pets

If you are anything like me (and the chances are that you are because you are reading this site), you’re an animal lover. I cried like a little kid when my long-time companion Boston Terrier Sam Adams died on the operating table a few years back. It’s a real loss. They’ve become members of the family.

Many Ukrainians feel the same way. They are people just like us living modern lives in cities and towns. They have kids, mortgages, car payments, and family pets.

It’ll be OK, buddy. Image Credit: visit Ukraine.today

Many have been forced to flee their homes and sometimes the entire country. After that tough decision is made, the next question is, “What do we do with the dog, or the cat, or both?” Well, the country of Ukraine has set up a website to address the issue, which we at SOFREP have stumbled upon recently.

The page’s title is “Rules for transporting animals: how to take out a cat/dog abroad during the war?” This is a direct translation from the original Ukrainian, so it sounds a little awkward, but you get the idea. There is also a link to a 24/7 helpline to support both Ukrainians and foreigners needing assistance.