Do you know what the most wonderful thing that could possibly happen in this election, and every other time someone says something in the media? Don’t take it personally; well that is of course unless you have a guilty conscience.

The Donald is right, although, it was probably not the best time to say that. He should also shut his fat draft-dodging mouth on sensitive matters of defense, at least until he may or may not pull off this national travesty called, the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Albeit, here we are in 2016 with a population of adults who react like everything is always about them. Snippets and buzzwords are conveniently given new context. A practice of the media and the individual to show the world that everything is about you – you’re appalled, offended, shocked. What a sad state of affairs we’re in; as the primary concern of the public is to attend to the feelings of adults who act out like toddlers. No dialogue, just freaking out.