Do you know what the most wonderful thing that could possibly happen in this election, and every other time someone says something in the media? Don’t take it personally; well that is of course unless you have a guilty conscience.

The Donald is right, although, it was probably not the best time to say that. He should also shut his fat draft-dodging mouth on sensitive matters of defense, at least until he may or may not pull off this national travesty called, the 2016 Presidential Campaign.

Albeit, here we are in 2016 with a population of adults who react like everything is always about them. Snippets and buzzwords are conveniently given new context. A practice of the media and the individual to show the world that everything is about you – you’re appalled, offended, shocked. What a sad state of affairs we’re in; as the primary concern of the public is to attend to the feelings of adults who act out like toddlers. No dialogue, just freaking out.

Yet, a uniform is not a cloak of infallible morality and the system is rotten The Pentagon lost $34 Million in Afghanistan funding and stated, “No one should be punished.” If I’m ever in the Pentagon – I’ll be checking all the couch cushions.

Too many troops did steal money . . . There have been scores of uniformed fraud cases throughout the war. Although, my fellow veterans get just as – if not more butt-hurt, “triggered” than most folks these days . . . Especially the pandering box-of-tools who are in a paid coalition to stage support in the dirty tricks Hillary Clinton campaign – disgraceful, paraded, mouth-pieces.

Just because you put on a uniform, it doesn’t make you disabled, honest, or a hero. If you wore a uniform, you know that statement to be true.

Personally, I find it a foolish practice to simply put faith and trust in anyone who happens to be in uniform and especially with the government. I’m not citing that in some whack-a-doo conspiracy line. I’m standing by for that statement to also be taken completely out of context. Even so, dishonest people are clearly within the government and the military – they are rarely held accountable for their actions.

There is near daily scandal from the Department of Veterans Affairs, illicit and vindictive tax targeting practices from the Internal Revenue Service, the Department of Homeland Security remains a bloated and bumbling ship of fools, the Transportation and Safety Administration is the running joke of the nation as incompetent mall-cops, and so on . . .

Although, politicians are the most adamant and repeat offenders who are never punished . . . In fact, they’re celebrated – Hillary Clinton: Email, Benghazi, Bosnian Snipers, her real-estate scandal and unscrupulous Chinese funding from when she was the First Lady.

Oddly, HillDog’s campaign is being chiefly funded by defense contractors.

Uniformed Service Members Stole Millions,

Only one-hundred and fifteen uniformed enlisted personnel and military officers were caught and convicted since 2005. These service members committed  bribery, contract-rigging, embezzlement, and theft valued at $52 million during their deployments in Afghanistan and Iraq.

As did federal employees and contractors . . .

A U.S. AID employee, embezzled $500,000.

$434 Million has been discovered in one Department of Justice case,

Policy prescriptions: Trump and Clinton on defense

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Supreme Foodservice GmbH, a privately held Swiss company, and Supreme Foodservice FZE, a privately-held United Arab Emirates (UAE) company, pleaded guilty today to major fraud against the United States and agreed to resolve civil violations of the False Claims Act, in connection with a contract to provide food and water to the U.S. troops serving in Afghanistan, the Justice Department announced today. The companies pleaded guilty in the Eastern District of Pennsylvania (EDPA) and paid $288.36 million in the criminal case, a sum that includes the maximum criminal fine allowed.

In addition, Supreme Group B.V. and several of its subsidiaries have agreed to pay an additional $146 million to resolve a related civil lawsuit, as well as two separate civil matters, alleging false billings to the Department of Defense (DoD) for fuel and transporting cargo to American soldiers in Afghanistan

Estimates of $1.6 Billion are still unaccounted and suspected to have been stolen – in Iraq alone. Afghanistan is lost in a web of misguided and unaccounted funding.

Three hundred and twenty-seven, active investigations on-going, of those thirty-one, are uniformed service members. Expect more to emerge.

Kelly’s Heroes to Three Kings

This isn’t a movie. Yet the uniformed war-time field acquisition portrayed in Kelly’s Heroes and Three Kings, honestly falls within my morally gray area – I’d field acquisition some improperly placed Nazi, Russian, or Daesh (ISIS) loot. Meanwhile, the uninformed douchebags of the Global War on Terrorism were running scams on scams; fucking over their fellow soldiers in the line of fire, by draining the system at the tap.

Featured Image: U.S. Army