Donald Trump has been building his cabinet since winning the nation’s presidential election early last week and the internet has been astir about each confirmed and potential appointment.  Thus far, five appointees have been announced by the Trump camp, but among veterans, one possible candidate for Secretary of Defense is a crowd favorite.

Retired Marine General James Mattis is among eight people slated to meet with President Elect Trump on Saturday.  Mattis, according to Bloomberg, is among two finalists for the coveted Defense Secretary role.  Trump is also scheduled to meet with former Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney to discuss the possibility of serving as Secretary of State.

James Mattis is widely regarded as a hero among Marines and served as a regimental, brigade and division commander in both Afghanistan and Iraq.  In 2011, Mattis was appointed the head of U.S. Central Command, in that capacity he oversaw the wars in both theaters as well as a region that included Syria, Iran and Yemen.

Mattis enlisted into the Marine Corps in 1969, before earning a bachelor’s degree in history and commissioning as a 2nd Lieutenant in 1972.  Mattis was considered an intellectual among his senior ranking peers later in his career, boasting a personal library of thousansds of books and regularly emphasizing the importance of reading to his troops.