Team Room members, we wanted to let you know about Operation Hawkeye’s efforts to support Chris Kyle’s family. Please show your support for the family of Chris Kyle by making a donation to The Chris Kyle Memorial Trust today. SEAL Team 3 Chief Chris Kyle died tragically on 2.2.2013.

On 2.17.2013, Virginia schoolboy Will Thomas will honor Chief Kyle with a 17-hour basketball shooting challenge: RISE and FIRE: CK 17. The Challenge calls for Will to successfully make 1,700 3-point baskets between 7 a.m. and midnight.

The threefold objective of CK 17 is to honor Chief Kyle, raise awareness regarding his service and sacrifice, and spur others to donate to The Chris Kyle Memorial Trust in support of his family.

Operation Hawkeye is an approved and authorized fundraising partner of the Chris Kyle Memorial Fund.

(Note that we will restore links to the donation page once we get them.)