The good news should be that the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists left the Doomsday Clock, a measure of the imminence of nuclear annihilation and climate disaster, unchanged at two minutes to nuclear midnight. This announcement was on Thursday at a news conference in Washington, D.C.

But members of the Bulletin’s executive board insisted that no news was, in fact, bad news.

Citing U.S. relations with North Korea as “extremely dangerous” and with Russia as “unacceptably strained,” chairman and CEO Rachel Bronson decried “the new abnormal that the world inhabits,” a world where reliance on nuclear weapons has replaced diplomacy.

The unchanged time of the Doomsday Clock, she added, “should not be taken as a sign of stability.”
Instead, she said, the Bulletin’s 2019 report finds “the new abnormal that the world inhabits is unsustainable and too volatile to accept.”