Drones have many uses, but recently they have been used to rescue two teenage boys that were caught in rough Australian waters well over 2,000 feet off shore. As they struggled with the waves, lifeguard Jai Sheridan noticed them and powered up their new, lifesaving drone. The drone flew to their aid and dropped off a flotation device, effectively saving their lives. They grabbed onto it and were able to swim safely back to shore. Both boys were unharmed.

The entire endeavor — from Sheridan noticing that they were in danger to them clutching the flotation device — only took around 70 seconds. That is unprecedented speed when it comes to saving a life out in the waves, as up until now a lifeguard would have to manually swim or ride a boat or jet-ski of some kind all the way out before they could be of assistance. That could take precious minutes, and a drowning person might be underwater and prove difficult to find by then.