No conoces a Mexico. No la conoces como yo. No lo conoces porque eres supuesto Americano. En realidad, ambos somos. Pero tu distingues. Soy el original. Tu eres la copia.

Introduction to the Introduction

You don’t know Mexico. You know Tex Mex. You know illegal immigrants. You might know Cantinflas. You see Mexico from a skewed lens; and you cannot know drug cartels in Mexico until you eliminate your pre-existing thoughts about Mexicans and Mexico.

You have to let your bias go and try to start from a tabula rasa…a blank slate.  Then you can understand drug cartels in Mexico.

In this piece, Mexican music will guide you through this analysis. The music is a reflection of the culture, and even today plays a key role in its development. It is not the music you think. There are few or no sombreros, and almost no mariachis. There are some calaveras catrinas though.