A man from Ohio drove a dump truck through the gate and barricades at the FBI’s offices in Pittsburgh. The vehicle was eventually stopped by the barricade devices. He told officers during a traffic stop his plan to breach the FBI facility just prior to the incident. There were no injuries reported except the driver has some minor injuries. The truck was searched and they did not find any explosives.

FBI Supervisory Special Agent Greg Heeb said the large vehicle briefly went airborne after impact before it came to rest in an employee parking lot outside the building on East Carson Street.

“He was apparently driving erratically in the area. He ran a couple of red lights, possibly a stop sign,” Heeb said. “Pittsburgh police attempted to initiate a traffic stop. He failed to stop immediately. They pulled him over eventually, close to our building. There was a brief exchange with the officer. He indicated to the officer that he was intending to ram the gate. He did just that — put his truck back into gear, took off and went through the gate here at our headquarters.” WTAE

Image courtesy of WTAE