The price tag for the F-35 is estimated to be at 1.5 trillion dollars yet there there are still numerous serious problems that plague this aircraft. For example, in the Pentagon report, it recommended pilots are banned from flying the aircraft if they weigh less than 136 pounds due to a failures in the ejector seat. Female pilots will not be able to fly this aircraft. Even pilots that weigh 165 pounds and under have a 23% chance of death from neck injuries. Almost all of the pilots face some sort of neck injury risk. Other problems include the override ability of the Autonomic Logistics Information System, or ALIS, computerized maintenance management System, or CMMS fails to recognize new vs old parts, Integrated Exceedance Management System cannot tell if its speed has exceeded the aircraft’s limitations, and the data loads associated with mission planning required extensive contractor support. 

Will throwing more money at it fix it or is it just doomed to be the next flying dud?

References: DefenseOne, DoD Report

Editorial Cartoon by Robert Lang