56 passengers and a crew of 10 went missing as their flight (plane is a an Airbus A320) disappeared from radar as they approached Egypt from France approximately 02:45 Cairo time. On the radar below you can see them drop off near Egypt over the Mediterranean Sea. EgyptAir stated (in the second tweet below) that “the plane faded within 10 miles of Egyptian airspace.” The plane reportedly crashed within 130 nautical miles of the  Greek Island of Karpathos.  According to the Guardian,

French French President François Holland Flight confirmed that the plane crashed and that terrorism could not be ruled out.

The Greek defence minister, Panos Kammenos, said the plane made “sudden swerves” in mid-air and plunged before dropping off radars in the southern Mediterranean.

“The plane carried out a 90-degree turn to the left and a 360-degree turn to the right, falling from 37,000ft to 15,000ft, and the signal was lost at around 10,000ft,” Kammenos said.