Green on Blue

Eight US Army Special Forces (SF) soldiers, members of the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) out of Eglin Air Force Base Florida, have been issued memoranda of reprimand in the 2018 death of an Afghan commando who perpetrated a Green on Blue attack which resulted in the death of a Coalition soldier.

For the uninitiated, a Green on Blue attack is how NATO describes attacks on NATO and Coalition forces in Afghanistan by Afghan security forces.

The camp heightened its security posture following the shooting. Jaguar 50, a call sign for the Special Forces team’s JTAC (a close air support specialist), spotted an individual crawling towards the camp with a satchel when helicopters came to evacuate the Czech casualties.

The individual with the satchel was closely observed but not fired upon.

Members of the 7th Special Forces Group (Airborne) proudly display the American flag in Afghanistan. Image courtesy of


The soldiers were accused of beating the prisoner to death, twisting his testicles, and slamming him against a breaker box as part of an interrogation. This is according to a civilian translator who testified as part of a long-term criminal investigation.

Building 458 at Camp Conde, where the questioning took place. Image taken from unclassified CID report on the incident made public by the Freedom of Information Act.

A member of the Afghan 4th Special Operation Kandak (SOK), Wahedullah Khan, was detained after firing on Czech special operators, killing one and wounding two others. Following his apprehension, Wahedullah was turned over to NATO forces and interrogated at Camp Conde by US and Coalition Forces.

A Need for Medical Attention

Several hours after his questioning, Wahedullah was released back to 4th Special Operations Kandak (SOK) soldiers and taken off-camp. Later, the 4th SOK contacted the Forward Surgical Team (FST) at Camp Conde and reported the combatant was in bad condition and urgently in need of medical attention.

4th SOK troops then transported the combatant to the FST, where he was treated for what appeared to be critical blunt force trauma injuries of unknown origin. Despite the medical team’s best efforts, the combatant succumbed to his injuries and was pronounced dead at 0001, 23 Oct 18.