Written by CWO4 (ret) Greg Coker Task Force 160, Special Operations Aviation Regiment, “The Night Stalkers,” and Master Sergeant (ret) George Edward Hand IV, 1st Special Forces Operational Detachment-Delta, “The Delta Force.”

Author’s note:

I have been considering writing some of my stories down for quite some time. I prayed about doing this and feel that God approves. I also had a few buddies, outside influence, that told me to write. My argument was always the same, I am no one special, I just did my job, I was just at the right place at the right time… or the wrong time. These are my thoughts, experiences, emotions that I don’t care to share with anyone. I did start a journal on 9-11, it is in my safe. Thanks to Geo and Kyle Lamb for your inspiration. Kyle would say: “Gravy, if it ain’t written, it never happened.” My wife, Edie, has been my biggest support and inspiration. God sure did bless me, I love you.

Chief Warrant Officer-4 Greg “Gravy” Coker is a Texan, a fiercely patriotic, devoutly Christian, and venerable brother of man. He’s upbeat, loud, and laughs at his own jokes louder than anyone else in a room. It seemed so fitting and only a matter of time that he entered the military as a younger man to lend his hand in the preservation efforts of a great nation.