Earlier this year, SpaceX announced that construction was already underway on what is to become the company’s new flagship rocket and space faring vessel, the BFR. According to the company’s founder, Elon Musk, the BFR (short for Big Falcon Rocket) will be capable of ferrying large crews to and from distant locations like Mars, seemingly making the possibility of a Mars colony attainable for the first time in history.

The motivations that drive Musk’s various endeavors are sure to be as diverse as the endeavors themselves, but Musk revealed at least one of the driving forces behind his goal to colonize both Mars and the Moon in a recent talk he delivered during the SCSW festival, and it’s not an optimistic one.

Musk believes its important humanity has colonies on other celestial bodies to help ensure the species can recover from the next global war.

“Last century, we had two massive world wars — three if you count the Cold War,” Musk explained to the crowd in Texas. “I think it’s unlikely that we’ll never have another world war again.”