“Embrace the Suck Devil Dog!!!” That is a phrase all Marines have heard at some point — or at many points — during their Marine Corps tenure. The phrase “Embrace the Suck” is used to help motivate Marines to ignore the pain and discomfort of the moment and instead not just come to terms with, but relish the misery they are currently experiencing.

Beyond that, the phrase is used as a reminder from Marine to Marine that they already know how to deal with adversity, so that when adversity comes they already know how to conquer the problem at hand.

Differences of Opinion by MOS

A meme I saw a few years back said this about soldiers on a rainy, miserable deployment:

Infantry: “This sucks.”

Rangers: “I like the way this sucks.”

Special Forces: “I wish it would suck more.”

Aviation: “Sure sucks down there.”

Air Force: “What?! Cable’s out! This sucks!