This woman appears to be under 30, but claims to have been in the corporate grind since 1996. In addition, her photo, and her similar connections, are all using stock photos as their profile pictures. Image courtesy of the author.

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Over the past year, SOFREP has drawn the attention of an increasing number of incidents involving falsified social media and email accounts targeting the writers. Albeit this is not an organic issues, as the use of subversive profiles for intelligence gathering and disinformation purposes is an ever-growing trend.

If you connect with a fake account, you risk exposing sensitive personal details. Foreign and illicit organizations are actively seeking out your sensitive details and want to map your network, collect pictures, phone numbers, email addresses, and information about where you live, work and play. Currently Chinese and Russian spies are said to be the primary users of this methodology. Although additional governments and criminals have adapted this approach for their own nefarious means.