Feral Jundi recently directed my attention to this article which I felt I needed to pass on to our readers.  It is written by Eeben Barlow, the founder and CEO of Executive Outcomes.  EO was the Private Military Company that went into Angola and Sierra Leone, leading highly successful operations at a fraction of the cost of UN “success stories” that resulted in hundreds of thousands of people being killed.  The reality is that organization like the UN, and select governments and corporations, have every interest in prolonging conflicts in order to keep the coffers filled.  Executive Outcomes provided a reasonable solution for bringing about conflict resolution in key parts of the world and they paid dearly for it.  As Woodrow Wilson once remarked, “”If you want to make enemies, try to change something.” -Jack

When the DPKO’s African missions are tabulated, one can gain some perspective of the scope of the U.N.’s involvement in Africa

By Security Solutions International Staff

By Eeben Barlow