SOFREP TV’s show “Training Cell” was at Houston Shaw’s shooting range in Hagerman, Idaho for Episode 5. During this episode, Drew and the guys receive instruction from Houston Shaw on the important fundamentals of shooting on multiple weapons.

Houston Shaw’s Bio:

Houston Shaw is a graduate from the University of Nevada with a degree in business management. He’s a professional shooter and owner/lead instructor at The Shaw Shooting School in Hagerman, Idaho. He’s been shooting his whole life and has been instructing for over 6 years. He started teaching at Mid-South Institute of Combat Shooting in 2010 and is a guest instructor there throughout the year. He’s worked mostly with United States Special Operations but has also been teaching civilian classes the past three summers at his Idaho location. He can accommodate his classes for various skill levels from beginner to grandmaster.” – Shaw Shooting

Here are some behind the scenes shots as well as a trailer for Episode 5:

Drew Wallace, former Ranger and the executive producer of “Training Cell” had this to say about Episode 5 and his experience working with Houston Shaw.

With Episode 5 we really wanted to push the threshold for quick and dynamic shooting. Knowing Houston personally, and the level of instruction and standards he holds – it made the decision to spend a couple days at his complex an easy one. The two days were fairly intense, but you always start at the basics and review proper mechanics, and we did that with both pistol and carbine. As the days went on, we began to add new drills and speed, finally testing what we had learned in several practical application scenarios. With Houston you just get a whole new level of personalized instruction, and he has the experience and facility to deliver that.

Drew Wallace, 75th RGR RGT Veteran, Executive Producer of Training Cell

Check out the trailer for Episode 5 below:

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