Early this week on Monday morning the Turkish parliamentary election and presidential vote concluded. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has cemented his place as Turkey’s one-man ruler yet again through a sweeping victory, critics of the Turkish state are saying the new governmental system will give the President more power than ever before. Both the elections for parliament and the presidential office were held a year early. The Turkish nation, through a voter referendum put into motion in 2017, has now completely transitioned from a parliamentary system to a presidency. In an address to the nation, Erdogan stated through state sponsored media that,

The nation has entrusted to me the responsibility of the presidency and the executive duty. Even though we could not reach our goal in parliament, God willing we will be working to solve that with all our efforts in the People’s Alliance”

Sadi Guven, leader of the Turkish Supreme Election Council, announced the victory after the majority of votes had been counted to the point that the rest would not have an impact. The official announcement of the victor will be made on June 29th. Erdogan addressed a crowd of supporters outside his Ankara headquarters building saying, “This election’s victor is democracy, this election’s victory is national will.” He added that the Turkish nation “will look at its future with so much more trust than it did this morning.”

Erdogan claims the expanded control the presidential office has gained will only bring stability and prosperity to the nation. Turkey is still in turmoil after the attempted coupe though. Around 50,000 citizens have been imprisoned and over 100,000 government employees have been dismissed in an effort to subdue national dissent.

The new governmental system will abolish the position of the Prime Minister and transfer power to the presidency with the executive branch. Erdogan will be appointing a vice president as well as several ministers in the coming days as well as have oversight of future security policies. Turkey’s Parliament will still maintain control of legislation and the ability to reject or ratify any government budgets.

Featured image: Vladimir Putin meeting with President of Turkey Recep Tayyip Erdogan. | Kremlin.ru