Recep Tayyip Erdogan is the winner of the Turkish elections, he will be the president of Turkey until 2023.

Erdogan’s impact on shaping Turkey’s political life is of such magnitude that one can only compare him to the founder of the modern Turkey state, Kemal Ataturk. Of course, the main difference between these two statesmen is that for Ataturk the Ottoman past of Turkey was an anathema, while for Erdogan it is a source of pride.

Even with the Turkish lira in freefall and the interest rates skyrocketing, he won a 52.5% of the vote. Critics say that this is because the elections were not exactly free and fair.

The most important part of these elections though, is the total revamp in power for the office of the president. Approved by a referendum in 2017, the new system makes the government in Turkey a one man show, and dangerously so, one might say.