Eric Boehlert, a staffer at Media Matters, made the following statement on Twitter about the Special Operations Group OPSEC.


Eric Boehlert

Eric Boehlert is an American writer at Media Matters for America. Prior to this he was a senior writer for Salon for five years, and before that a contributing editor to Rolling Stone.At Salon Boehlert won the 2002 American Society of Composers, Authors and PublishersDeems Taylor Award for music journalism, for a series of articles in 2001 on the radio industry. The series was also shortlisted for the Gerald Loeb Award for Distinguished Business and Financial Journalism.

What Eric is Clearly Not

  • A military veteran
  • Someone who has worked in the Intelligence community
  • A person who has likely never held a classified security clearance
  • An expert on National Security, Military or Intelligence Issues

Gutless or Courage?

Anyone can see that the video clearly goes after the Obama administration Eric. Calling the men who made the video gutless is a long shot, especially for someone who has never served their country in any capacity.  I doubt you would have said this to the faces of these men and that makes you the coward. Lurking behind your computer lobbing rocks on Twitter doesn’t cut it in my book.

I personally believe that there’s plenty of blame to go around Washington and it’s on both sides of the political fence.  Some Washington politicians (Democrats and Republicans) are playing a dangerous game of political chess, where the U.S. Warfighter has become the pawn, and National Security at risk is the end game.

And what about holding the U.S. media accountable? Who are the media groups that are throwing up the TMZ headlines like gossip girls and giving no consideration or regard for U.S. National Security?  I guess a breaking headline and ratings are more important these days. Reminds me of my favorite Don Henley song “Dirty Laundry“.   Shame on the usual suspects.

The important point that the OPSEC video makes, is that it clearly displays the problem of politicians leaking national security Intel and its consequences, straight from the experts mouths. These men are patriots and put their own identities on the line and at risk to make a powerful point. They are Patriots who are exercising First Amendment Rights, just like you did when you made pushed “Tweet”.


Politicians need to shut the fuck up. There are consequences to the game you are playing and people that know the seriousness of it are banding together to raise awareness. I suspect both parties have blood on their hands where leaks are concerned.

It’s hard to censor the power of the Internet. China keeps trying unsuccessfully and our own government tried to limit our First Amendment rights with SOPA.



Freedom of speech and the Internet is a wonderful thing these days. It can be a powerful way to organize and communicate a message.  Dishonorable Disclosures: A million views and counting…

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