Amnesty International, in a report released on Friday, has accused the Ethiopian Military of committing a host of serious human rights abuses including torture, extrajudicial killings, and unlawful detentions.

Amnesty International’s report urged Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to investigate the country’s security forces for oppressive measures. Prior to Ahmed’s administration, Ethiopia’s security forces had been notorious for their conduct. In December, the Ethiopian reformist prime minister was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for making several political reforms and ending nearly 20 years of hostilities with neighboring Eritrea.

“Given the gravity and the duration [of the period in which abuses were reported] I cannot believe top officials are not aware of what was happening, and if they are not then it is a dereliction of duty.” Amnesty International’s Fisseha Tekle, who wrote the report said in an interview.

Ethiopia is a country with over 80 ethnic groups. Recent tensions and violence between the different groups have given rise to calls for more autonomy.