The European Union has announced a new plan to increase defense spending across the continent, in what some are calling a precursor to a larger EU Defense Union.

The European Defense Action Plan calls for a dramatic increase in funding for joint military assets among member nations.  The proposal includes increasing immediate expenditures from twenty-five million euros per year to ninety million by 2020, when it will be replaced by a new defense spending program that allocates five hundred million euros annually.  An additional fund created in this plan could potentially be worth five billion euros per year, and could be used to help member states acquire expensive military assets like drones in joint purchases with other nations to reduce costs.

The plan is intended to help bolster defense spending throughout the European Union, while also creating a “single market for defense” within the organization.  This financial strategy would be modeled after existing “single markets” in Europe designed to aid international trade within the Union like telecoms and energy.

Some believe this influx in military spending within the EU is due to concerns over President Elect Donald Trump’s stance on NATO, who made headlines during his presidential campaign when he suggested that the United States may not come to the aid of its NATO allies in their time of need.  Trump’s stance is based on his concerns over many of the organization’s member nations failing to meet their required defense expenditures, opting to rely instead on the military might of the United States.