Fireworks do not trigger PTSD in “combat” veterans but can trigger attention seeking non-combat veterans to act like spoiled children for the camera.

The Fourth of July is upon us and while most of us will be firing up the barbecue, getting wasted with friends and family and lighting up the sky with a demonstration of freedom and democracy – a select few will be crying about their feelings. My fellow veterans, those few who are desperate for attention and pretend that fireworks sound like combat. Fireworks sound nothing like artillery, IED’s, gunshots, or much of anything else other than fireworks.


Via The Most Combat Engineer Man in the World.

Generation Snowflake volunteered to go to war and came home with a traumatic case of butt-hurt. Welcome home to those few who are stuck in the moments of your service. You know that you can move on with your life . . . You’re the old man at the bar who won’t stop talking about high school and your knee injury that kept you out of the NFL. Go forward, there is more to life than the damned military. Yeah, of course, veterans reminisce, but damn it’s not a full-time job and most of us try not to bore people who know nothing about it by going on and on about it.

Uggh . . . But I have PTSD, well then perhaps if you looked at a calendar or loved America you’d know that this is a national holiday. Your alleged ‘PTSD’ shouldn’t flare up as your mental state should be anticipating fireworks. Just as well, fireworks are nothing like the real thing . . . no matter how many you detonate – I’ve tried, extensively.

Think of it like this, combat is bacon, and fireworks are a bell pepper. A bell pepper is nothing like bacon.

There is also a disparaging trend in those who make this claim and it’s not from the type of folks who write for SOFREP or those they served with.  The fireworks and PTSD association is made by those who have no idea what combat is . . . Sure, maybe they were deployed, and on a nice base that took some indirect fire, much like those who were chilling on Al-Taqaddum Air Base, Balad Air Base, Bagram Airfield, FOB Sykes and so on who ran like hell whenever a simple and small mortar round fell on or near their base. These people actually made t-shirts, which proclaimed “Mortaritaville.”

Oh but they’re, combat veterans – wow, such hard asses. These folks make up the composition of the breeding ground for the fear of fireworks attention grab; the mentality of ‘give me everything because I’m a veteran.’ That’s right, this fireworks allegation is an attention grab. They’re making it all up for attention because they watched “Born on the Fourth of July,” and are emulating media images rather than accepting the fact that they were chilling during their deployment(s).