There are reports floating around about an Egyptian-mediated ceasefire, mostly because the terrorists are feeling the pressure that Israel is putting on them. Their own people reached out to the Arab League and other entities and begged for a ceasefire.

About 1/3 of the Hamas rocket caches have been destroyed by Israel and many terrorists have been killed. However, due to their proximity to civilians, many of these caches have been left untouched by the Israeli Air Force, who were denied permission to attack to avoid civilian casualties.

In the meantime, Hamas and other Palestinian organizations are asking the Palestinian Authority to continue their effort in joining the International Criminal Court in order to isolate and impose sanctions on Israel.

Now, Hamas and the Islamic Jihad send hundreds of missiles into Israel, yet they want to accuse Israel of war crimes.

Several Palestinian political groups have also requested that Egypt and Qatar help them end the Israeli military offensive in Gaza.

While this seems like a good thing, it is not so good for Israel. The same thing happened back in 2012 and it was short-lived. The same will happen here, in my opinion. A ceasefire like this will allow Hamas to re-arm, move their rockets and get Iran to send them more weapons and training.

I think it’s time to finish this once and for all. In order to do this, Israel has to go in all the way.

We will see what tomorrow after 6 am brings.