Tucker, thanks for giving the SOFREP audience some time to discuss your latest book. Most people I know have read your first book, “I Hope They Serve Beer in Hell”. I found it incredibly funny, and it reminded me of my first trip to Thailand with the boys when I was at SEAL Team 3. The stories from that deployment would make a whore blush.

Your latest book, “Mate, Become the Man Women Want” I read in two sittings and found not only entertaining, it also resonated with me on a personal level. All guys need to read this book, what a great self evaluation tool and guide to finding a solid gal.


1. What inspired your most recent book “Mate”?

Well I met Geoffrey Miller at an academic conference and he explained that he had to spend hours explaining to his nephews that my old books were not advice books. This shocked me–of course they aren’t advice books, my books are just funny stories about the really stupid, ridiculous things I’ve done. Why would they think they’re advice?

Geoff explained that they’re all 14-20, and my writing was the only frank and honest thing they’ve ever read on sex and dating. There is nothing else that talks about these issues the way I did. In the absence of that, they use what they have, and they took my books as advice.

I didn’t believe him. There had to be something for them to read to learn about sex and dating, but Geoff was right–there was nothing. This was a hole in the market so big, it was hard to see unless you stood far enough back.

We decided to write the book that should exist, the one that every guy should have at 15, but doesn’t.