SOFREP is excited to announce the long-awaited return of Inside the Team Room: U.S. Navy SEAL Snipers!

In 2012 released the first Team Room series featuring Navy SEAL and American Sniper, Chris Kyle. SOFREP founder Brandon Webb had the idea for a show concept that would take viewers behind the scenes and since then, the series has been viewed millions of times behind the SOFREP Team Room members section and has featured some of the more prominent authors, and characters in the Special Operations community. Rangers, Army SF, British SAS, and now…. a Navy SEAL Sniper exclusive with two friends and former Naval Special Warfare Sniper Instructors, Brandon Webb, and Charlie Melton. Hosted by SOFREP brand ambassador and former USAF veteran, Aaron “RAD” Radl. Brandon and Charlie discuss Navy SEAL Leadership, Training and War stories, and the difficulties of transitioning from Navy SEAL to civilian life. We also have a special guest appearance and best friend of Brandon, Kamal Ravikant. Kamal is a former Army veteran and successful technology Venture Capitalist and Bestselling author. They discuss his new book, “Love Yourself Like Your Life Depends on It”, and his life pre and post military service.

Not a Team Room member yet? We’ve released the first three episodes for free on our SOFREP YouTube channel.

The series offers a rare glimpse into a community relatively unknown prior to the terror attacks of September 11th, 2001. This is candid, no BS, conversation between two friends over a few beers and good whisky.

There are those who believe the Special Operations community, and Navy SEALs should continue to live in the shadows. The world has changed, and the makers of this show believe that the stories and sacrifice of the men and women who put their lives at risk to safeguard America, should continue to be told. And who better to tell these stories, than the people who actually did the work. Enjoy the show, and remember…”The Only Easy Day Was Yesterday”- US Navy SEALs.

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