For some time, SOFREP has desired a live “boots on the ground” presence in Ukraine. Now we have one. We receive our Russo-Ukraine war information unfiltered, straight from the source. I’ve been working with these brave Americans and Ukrainians for a matter of days to gain information on what life is like in the embattled nation. In just a short time, they have been through quite a wild ride.

This is no game. Since they are in an active war zone and their lives may be in danger for sharing information with us, I’m bound to keep the tightest reigns on Operational Security (OPSEC) and Personal Security (PERSEC) possible. If there are cases where their faces are shown, it is because they have agreed to that.

For the sake of reporting, I’ve given our primary source in country the code name of “Lifeline”. It beats the hell out of the repetition of referring to them as “our source” over and over again.

Who our assets are and exactly where they are located is not as important as what they are doing and how that impacts the people of a nation that has been at war with Russia for over 16 months.