Edging towards the ramp of the C-27J aircraft, a Special Forces Military Free Fall (MFF) student prepared for his sixth parachute jump in the MFF basic parachutist course based out of Yuma, Arizona.  It was the student’s first jump with combat equipment, including his rucksack inside a Parachute Drop Bag (PDB) which was rigged between his legs.  Most likely due to a weak exit, not to mention some bad luck, the strap on the student’s PDB got caught on the lip of the ramp of the C-27 airplane.

In what is believed to be a first for Military Free Fall operations, the student became a towed jumper, getting hauled behind the aircraft by his gear.  As you can see in the video, the student kept calm and instructors were able to free him from the aircraft.  Another instructor jumped after the student in case he needed additional help.  The MFF course just recently began using the C-27 and is now looking at what new precautionary steps can be taken to ensure that accidents like this don’t happen again.


The student and instructor both made it to the ground safely.

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