Reports are emerging of gunfire and explosions inside a popular Filipino tourist site. Resorts World Manila in the Philippine capital is currently on lockdown.

Witnesses reported seeing a masked gunmen on the second floor of one of the hotels inside the resort firing a weapon at guests and hotel employees as they attempted to flee the scene.  Pictures and videos being shared on social media show people running from the area while others are carried away in stretchers.  The sound of what seems to be gunfire can be heard in the background of some of the footage.

One SOFREP source on the scene witnessed a gunman entering one of the casinos as he loaded an AR-15 style rifle.  Soon thereafter, the source saw signs of a fire coming from within the building, suggesting that arson may be among the tactics employed in the attack.

At least one witness claims to have seen multiple attackers, but reports from within the resort remain unconfirmed at this point.