According to Mayor Christian J. Bollwage, at approximately 9:30 pm EST two men found the suspicious package in a waste basket in Elizabeth, NJ. They then took the waste basket and its contents to a secondary location, which was near some train tracks. After opening the waste basket, they discovered it was a possible bomb. They left the device and reported it to the local police station. The Union County Bomb Squad used a drone to further examine the device and determined that it is probably a bomb.

At approximately 12:40 pm EST a blast was heard as a bomb robot examined the device. The blast was not a controlled detonation. There are no reports of any injuries.

FBI and State police are currently investigating the incident.  At this time, they have not released details of the type device or whether or not it is similar to those found yesterday in New Jersey or New York. More information to follow as the situation continues to develop.