London’s problems continued this week as an unknown man drove a car through worshippers outside a Mosque in Finsbury Park. Ramadan is in full swing and far from being a peaceful time it has descended into chaos as people who have no understanding of anything religious conduct tit for tat style attacks. From one community, young men are being groomed online and targeted by so-called religious ideologists claiming to be from a state which doesn’t even exist. From another, ignorant right-wing racists spoiling for a fight with anyone from the afore-mentioned community, claiming to stand up for the country. It’s a mess and it will only get worse if the problem is not tackled with immediate priority by the powers that be.

I was not surprised to see the level of horror displayed at Manchester and twice in the capital in recent weeks. In fact the only surprise was that it hadn’t happened sooner. I was however unprepared to see a vigilante style response at this stage. It does in part highlight how deep the recent attacks have penetrated into every corner of the country. However it in no way shape or form represents anyone with the interest of them nation at heart. This hideous attack is not revenge or retribution and it does not express the will of the people here in the UK. It is another cowardly attack on people who were going about their daily business. And although it is not known if this has been carried out by a true lone wolf or if there are more people waiting in the wings to continue the onslaught. It has shown us that there is more than one community producing wrong doers; wrong doers who need removing from the streets for good.

Politicians meanwhile are using the whole situation as a point-scoring exercise rather than clubbing together and making a positive effort to clean up. Jeremy Corbyn has been quick to jump on the racist card and denounced the attack. Even though he won’t denounce the atrocities against the country by the IRA, despite being repeatedly called out by the press on the subject. May has continued to concentrate on BREXIT and anything rather than get down in the weeds and sort this cancerous problem out. Both showed their faces briefly and gave statements expressing how they are not prepared to tolerate such attacks, yet there are still approximately 3,000 people with known terror links at large and waiting for an opportunity when it suits them. That figure will surely rise as people will be identified who are deemed dangerous and likely to engage in subversive terror activities show out on the right-wing side.

The government is keen to call it terrorism, I wouldn’t give them the satisfaction. They are cowardly, spineless worms who attack people who are easy targets. People out enjoying themselves, or at prayer are considered fair game by the vermin who perpetrate these atrocities, people who represent nothing more than failure to fit into the bigger picture, weak people who are easily manipulated by others to conduct their dirty work. This has nothing to do with religion or what you practice or where you are from, this is people who are wrong — full stop.