Facebook announced a series of new features they would be introducing to the social media site in an effort to combat the distribution of fake news stories.  These features come after Facebook and other internet giants like Google received criticism in the media for permitting the spread of false new stories that some claim turned the tide of the recent presidential election in Donald Trump’s favor.

According to a statement made by the social media powerhouse, these new changes will make it easier for users to flag hoax news stories they find in their news feeds.  Plans to work with third party sites in order to better determine the credibility of content were also announced, citing well known websites such as Snopes.com, ABC News and the Associated Press as likely partners.

Articles that have been flagged and then assessed to be inaccurate will receive a “disputed” tag and may appear lower in the news feeds of other users.  They will then pair the article with a link describing the reasons the content has been deemed false.  Facebook stated that once a link has been flagged as “disputed” it can no longer be promoted through Facebook’s paid promotions algorithm, dramatically reducing its potential social media reach.

“We believe in giving people a voice and that we cannot become arbiters of truth ourselves, so we’re approaching this problem carefully,” Facebook leadership said via a news release.