Note: This is part of a series. You can read parts one, two, three, and four, here.

Azov Battalion is actively seeking to recruit Western nationals to join their battalion. Azov, operating as the military wing of the Social-National Assembly (SNA), is self-described as “socialist, nationalist, and radical.” Recruits will receive a monthly salary of $360.

Prospective foreign volunteers will most likely contribute to the military effort. Once in Azov, you will join the ranks of fellow volunteers driven by personal motivations of an ideological or religious nature, or simply by the aspiration to defend their homes. The drive to recruit you is driven by an audacious combination of Azov Battalion’s client-facing social media outlets, polished English-language pages, and message-centric far-right ideology. Azov has thus far been moderately successful in its objective by attracting volunteers from across Europe.

Azov, like Donbass and most other battalions, has always accepted foreigners, but some battalions have been more selective than others. The selection process has largely boiled down to the nationalities of volunteer candidates; whether a given battalion chooses to accept them is at their discretion. As a general rule, the selection process is slanted in favor of those with a Slavic/Russian ethnic background.