As you can imagine I have been swamped with all sorts of people asking me about Azi Ahmed. And before you ask “No woman has ever attempted selection.” So this whole story is being blown out of control by Azi who is selling a story which is based on twisted truth in an attempt to advance her career as an author/speaker and to make a run at the British Parliament. Basically you can’t polish a lump of shit but you can roll it in glitter.

Here is the what has been said from members of the unit at the time. I am not going to disclose who said what, in order to protect their identities, but I am willing to stand by what I have written.

Reference Azi Ahmed. Yes she was attached. And there have over the years been plenty of females attached to the brigade as cooks, drivers, admin and the list goes on. Azi was part of an experiment by then CO of 21 SAS (reservists) Holly, who was known for his creative ideas. I once farted on his leg by mistake to the amusement of a small group of Rupert’s. There was to be no time limit, lighter weight, no Test Week, no live fire, no jungle no E&E (Escape and Evasion) etc, etc. Purely a look at what women who volunteered could be capable of. For certain nobody taking part was going to be BADGED 22 SAS on completion of a simple exercise.

“This girl, plus one other, have used the experience to be self-serving and economical with the truth,” claims a DS (Directing Staff) at the time.