The Marine Corps has no shortage of incredible and famous quotes that have been passed through generations of Marines. These quotes not only embody the Marines’ fortitude and standards, but also their fighting spirit.


A High-stakes Fraternity

When people find out I was in the Marine Corps they often ask me “What is it really like? Is it like the movies? Is it like Full Metal Jacket?”

The answer to each of those questions is “kind of.” I do think that boot camp is eerily similar to Full Metal Jacket and because of it I absolutely love that movie. However, I think the best answer to the first question is that the Marine Corps is like a high-stakes college fraternity. Of course, the high-ranking officers and enlisted Marines would probably disagree with this comparison, but the reality is that the senior leaders make up only a tiny portion of the Marine Corps. Most in the Marine Corps hold the rank of private through sergeant and to be honest, they’re the heart of the Corps.